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The Champion Center resides in a beautiful modern facility that was designed specifically for chemical dependency treatment. Unique to Champion Center is the provision of all levels of care in one location, including hospital level detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient sober living accommodations, and gender-specific recovery residences.

Use the virtual tour below to walk around Champion Center.

Follow the walk-through below as we guide you along a typical stay at Champion Center.

Intake and Admissions

If you come to Champion Center for admission, our intake and admissions staff will greet you at the entrance, asking for a photographic identification, insurance card and urinalysis sample.

You’ll hear an introduction to the facility and learn that the center was specifically designed in 2014 for addiction treatment.

Our utilization review team will take you through a health screening before transitioning you to treatment.

Find our more about our Admission Process.

patients being admitted in lobby

medical detox unit and patient with doctor
medical detox unit
medical detox unit nurse station
medical detox unit room beds

Medical Services Unit (MSU)

Each patient is introduced to nursing staff and given a tour of the 34-medical bed unit. The center adheres strictly to the medical model detox protocol.

Nursing care is provided on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.  Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Each shift, the Registered Nurse on duty is responsible for the planning, assigning, and supervising the care of the patient during the medical detoxification process.

Find our more about our Medical Detoxification Program.

THE OAKS: Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

Following completion of medical detox, patients may transition to The Oaks residential treatment center, a shared living area with 12 beds. The RTC is supervised by counselors round-the-clock and recovering patients have more responsibilities for daily tasks such as laundry.

Patients take part in daily group, individual and family therapy. Patients typically stay from one to six weeks, depending on diagnosis and insurance.

Find our more about our Residential Treatment Program.

patient reading in the residential treatment bedroom
residential treatment receptio
residential treatment living area
residential treatment bedroom

Patient relaxing in Sober Living home
Sober Living home bedroom
Sober Living home living room
Sober Living home dining room

Recovery Residences, sober living at its finest.

Once a patient has completed detoxification and transitions to outpatient therapy, the Recovery Residences are available for rental on site, including room and board.

Living in one of our six Recovery Residences provides the option of a safe, sober living environment in which to continue a patient’s path to recovery – without having to travel from alternative accommodations or home.

Find our more about our Recovery Residences.

Therapies and Treatment Areas

Champion Center offers advanced addiction therapies, using proven methods to help our clients recover and maintain a sober, healthy life.

By having a wide selection of therapy types, we can work with clients to find which approach best facilitates their healing.

Learn more about our Therapy and Treatment.

Expressive Art and Recreational Therapy Room
Meditation Room
Small Group Therapy Room

patients eating in Santa Lucia Cafe
Santa Lucia Cafe dining room
Santa Lucia Cafe dining room with skylights
Santa Lucia Cafe servery

Santa Lucia Café

The spacious Santa Lucia Café seats 94 people and is an inviting respite for mealtime, with colorful photographs lining the walls and expansive view of the surrounding neighborhood.

All patients dine in the café, with nurse escorts accompanying medical floor patients. Healthy meal choices are provided by the Director of Dietary Services, and patients in treatment have access to a dietician to better tailor their specific culinary needs.

If you are ready, we are here to help.

Speak confidentially with one of our recovery specialists.

Our staff are available around the clock to walk you through the admissions process and find the right program for you. Our mission is to make sure you get the recovery you need you find your inner champion.

1-844-394 3767 (toll free)

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