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detox, alone in dark

One-size-fits all works well for many things. It's convenient when measurements aren't required for fitting. However, when it comes to detoxing from substance abuse, medical assessment and treatment planning is paramount. One size does not fit all. Detoxification, the period when substance is purged from the body, is always the first step in the recovery process. It is also one of the most critical. It is in this timeframe when a patient is most likely to experience life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. It is also for this reason that "cold turkey" methods can lead to overdose.

There are two categories of detoxification methods: Social model detox and medical detox. Is one more effective than the other? It is important to examine each model before arriving to an answer.

girl holding a heroin needle

She doesn't care what you look like. She doesn't care about your ministry or how much money you make. She doesn't even care about how you treat her. She'll take your soul, just as she has with all of her victims, and she has been busier than ever.

There is heroin epidemic in this country and it is sweeping through all communities - not just poor and urban areas. The biggest culprit? A trusted source - Doctors who are overprescribing painkillers. There has been more stringent regulations set for prescribing these meds, but the damage has already been done. Once users cannot obtain the prescribed pills, they turn to heroin.

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The world of advertising, marketing and public relations have been criticized for years for being deceptive. It's depicted in television and movies. Always the same. The adman is a sleazy character, selling lies to the public to push product. He smokes in his office, drinks old-timey cocktails and charms his clients with deception. To an extent, the dubious labels are warranted - persuasive messages are indeed, often developed and disseminated based on appealing to human emotions - often insecurities, and fears.

Donald Trump

Some say Donald Trump is bold. Some might believe, because of the conviction of his rhetoric, he is passionate. Many feel his views are outlandish and unrealistic. However people feel about The Donald, during this wild presidential campaign, he has at least been convicting regarding immigration, banning muslims, and his motion to "build a wall," to prevent people from entering the country. One thing the Donald has been consistently inconsistent about, is the legalization of marijuana.

It can start out as a simple request. A patient suffering in pain from an injury, surgical procedure or chronic ailment just wants a little relief. Often a doctor will prescribe an opioid painkiller, like codeine or OxyContin, to take the edge off. But sometimes this physician prescribed drug can morph into an addiction to pain killers, which can eventually lead to heroin abuse.

rehab is for quitters bumper sticker

I was driving home from work the other day. Same route, same timing. Nothing unusual about this mundane sliver of my day. I was approximately five minutes from touching down on the homefront, when I pulled behind a small stationary sedan at a red light. The car donned a bumper sticker that read:  "REHAB IS FOR QUITTERS."

At first, I thought nothing of it. I've seen worse jokes decaled on T-shirts and coffee mugs, some pushing the envelope on racism, sexism, and agism. But then I considered the addict in recovery who might pull up behind this car, or even worse hear this joke directed to them in conversation.