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One of the fastest growing health problems facing the country isn’t what most would expect. Substance abuse in adults aged 60 and older affects an estimated 17 percent of older adults, but this issue doesn’t get the attention it needs.

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The addiction professional community is sick and tired. We don't want to hear about how addiction is a choice is a choice - because it isn't. I want my readers to step outside their normal patterns of thinking. Take a moment to remember your last Fourth of July Holiday. How did it go? 

More and more, acupuncture is becoming part of addiction treatment plans. But how effective is the ancient art—which involves precise placement of needles in pressure points—when it comes to helping with detoxification, the first step of the recovery process?

A new study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry examined the link between the experience of pain and the risk of developing opioid use disorder. The results: People with moderate or more severe pain had a 41 percent higher risk of becoming addiction to prescription painkillers than those without.

The participants were also more likely to report substance use, mood or anxiety disorders, and a family history of drug, alcohol, and behavioral problems. Researchers from Columbia University Medical Center analyzed data from a national survey of alcohol and substance use in more than 34,000 adults in two waves, three years apart.

The medical field has made substantial investments in developing new, ground-breaking pharmaceuticals designed to support those on a path to addiction recovery.

Though, a one-dimensional emphasis on external sources of therapeutic help doesn’t take into consideration one of the most powerful tools available. You.

As part of a holistic plan of care, individuals with substance abuse disorders or behavioral health issues can also learn and benefit from simple relaxation tools to curb impulses, become more aware of dangerous triggers and regain a sense of empowerment.

Hillary Clinton has always been a major proponent of treatment over criminalization when it comes to addiction. Now, she is making it a priority in her presidential campaign. CBS NewsCBS News has reported that Clinton unveiled a $10 billion plan designed to fight drug and alcohol addiction.

Her plan involves goals for prevention, treatment and recovery, youth drug and alcohol education, increased funding for rehabilitation centers, and improved first responder training. “Tough on crime” laws and policies regarding drug addiction have been tried and they failed. Clinton has recognized we need a more progressive solution.