Case Studies in Addiction

addiction patient, brenda

Case Study: Brenda

A prescription pill addict, Brenda sought help from the grip of addiction after her sister died from cancer. She felt she was wasting her life when her sister had no choice. At one point, she was taking up to 300 pills each month, trying to suppress the pain of past sexual abuse. She felt as if she were dying as well.

Brenda was worried that in her physical state, which includes emphysema, she wouldn’t survive the detoxification process. But she did and found healing from PTSD and trauma specialist Todd Lingus. She was given the drug-free tools to deal with the horror of past abuse.

Brenda knows the disease of addiction is always with her. But she has ways now to deal with the grip of the pill abuse. She sees things clearly now, has hope and faith for her future – a future she couldn’t have envisioned before Champion Center.

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