Family Program

Family helping a loved one overcome addiction

Champion Center places a major emphasis on involving the entire family in the treatment and recovery process from the very beginning. Addiction is a family disease. When family members feel powerless, hopeless and depressed, they can become as disabled by their loved one’s addiction as their loved one. Without the proper support of family, addiction recovery can be more challenging and less likely to occur long term.

The primary goal of the Family Program is for each member to heal, beginning with the understanding that addiction is a disease. The program is designed to assist patients and family members in identifying problems that have had a significant impact on the family system. The process of treating addiction includes changing attitudes and behaviors between family members and patients, as well as emphasizing the role of healthy support for the family system as a whole. Family members also learn that although they didn’t cause addiction, and they can’t control or cure it, addiction can be successfully treated.

Through the family program, Champion Center not only supports the patient in their recovery efforts but begins the healing process of the entire family. There is no cost to attend the program and it can be attended even after your loved one has discharged.

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Champion Center’s multi-stage addiction treatment program helps each individual heal from addiction and reclaim their freedom.