Sober Living Residences

Once a patient has completed detoxification and transitions to outpatient treatment, the Recovery Residences are available for rental on site, including room and board.

Living in one of our four Recovery Residences provides the option of a safe, sober living environment in which to continue a patient’s path to recovery – without having to travel from alternative accommodations or home. Individuals choosing to continue in PHP (outpatient) at Champion Center can opt to live in these residences while attending treatment. These residences are akin to homes in the community and enhance treatment access for individuals living greater than 30 miles away from the treatment center.

The semi-private rooms include modern furniture and television, outdoor garden access and kitchenettes. Patients attend all outpatient program offerings for 8 to 10 hours a day, six days a week and return to the residence in the evening. Recovery Residences include washing facilities, while three daily meals are served in the Santa Lucia Café. Weekly outings to a chain commercial store are offered. No treatment occurs in the residences. 

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